What Can I Expect at a Hiska Rings Session?

Part 1 - Opening Session. A brief introduction circle for all participants, led by your Hiska host and group leaders.

Part 2 - Middle Session. The opening ring will form into three groups of five, each with a Hiska leader. The leader will share their personal story with the group and then ask you to volunteer your stories or feelings and listen to others. It is not compulsory to speak if you don’t feel comfortable or ready. Your leader may gently encourage you to join in the conversation at times. The small rings will conclude with the leader asking everyone to say one thing that are grateful for.

Part 3 - Closing Session. In the closing session your host will invite anyone who wishes to say anything to do so. They will then express the one thing they are grateful for and why, from the small ring, invite the person to their left to do likewise and so on until everyone has done so. After some concluding comments by the host, you will be asked to voluntarily fill in a brief questionnaire at the end.

Part 4 - Tea, Coffee, Hot Choc and food will be served. You are welcome to stay, chat with others and the HISKA leaders.

There will be a donation box available should you wish to make a contribution to HISKA to help us continue our community services.

All HISKA RINGS participants will be sent an email one week prior to their event. The email will confirm the date, time and address of the venue. It will also provide information needed for the event such as format and ground rules.

If you are a club, association or larger group who is affected by a shared loss or trauma and would like to hold a HISKA RINGS session for more than fifteen people, please contact us to discuss.