I think Hiska Rings would be beneficial, but I am feeling nervous about it.

Support groups are a way of bringing people together in a safe space to share common life experiences. They provide a forum for participants to communicate with the mutual understanding of shared challenges and problems.

The strength of support groups lie in the connections and understandings that come from shared narratives, genuine listening and mutual compassion.

Hiska Rings groups provide ongoing help to participants in various ways, including:

  • normalising the grief journey
  • listening and sharing personal experiences
  • creating social networks and reducing feelings of isolation
  • discovering personal strengths and building resilience
  • providing relevant information

Hiska gently encourages you to come along to a Rings session, even if you feel nervous about it. Others in our groups will no doubt feel nervous too. Our hosts, many of whom share the same experience of loss, are trained to provide leadership, compassion and make everyone feel comfortable. We hope you will agree that the healing benefits of Hiska Rings will be well worth your courage to join us.


If you’d like to get in touch for a confidential chat before you decide, please contact Kim and Matt.

Hiska Contact Details:

Phone: 0491 643 116