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HISKA Youth Sheds

HISKA Youth Sheds Framework

Zac felt that Youth Sheds offering a range of projects based on the contemporary interests of young people would effectively benefit his generation, especially those like him that feel unempowered and struggle with anxiety, depression, lack of employment prospects and addictions.

HISKA has developed the Youth Sheds model based on Zac’s ideas, direct feedback from Zac’s peers, studies and reports into youth engagement & wellbeing, established youth engagement projects, feedback from local youth service providers and the Victorian Mens Shed Association.

When Zac first introduced his Youth Sheds model back in 2016, he said, “We [my generation] need ways to get a break from our heads”. His theory was simple, “Don’t try to ‘fix’ me, just give me something to do so I can stop overthinking.” Zac wanted somewhere to go in order to get some personal peace, a positive distraction from thoughts and troubles with no pressure or expectations concerning the level of participation or outcomes.

HISKA plans to trial Youth Sheds in specific rural centres in Gippsland, with expansion planned for other parts of Victoria. The model is designed to be easily duplicated and adaptable enough to work in collaboration or partnership with other organisations or community groups.

The HISKA Youth Shed project will provide a safe place where young people can connect with peers and mentors while working on projects such as restoring classic cars, go-karts, furniture, woodworking, and artwork.

Skilled mentors will be appointed via an appropriate volunteer recruitment process that includes stringent vetting and legal compliances.

The Youth Sheds model potentially improves the happiness, health and wellbeing of both young and older people in our rural communities and provides purpose for both groups. It also improves the prospects of young participants through engagement in projects that encourage the learning of new skills, building self confidence and making positive life choices.

These benefits, particularly for the more isolated members of small rural communities, provide a solid bases for the model and should incentivise local councils, community organisations and other potential stakeholders to invest time and resources into supporting HISKA Youth Sheds.

The HISKA Youth Sheds project main objective is to achieve meaningful  engagement that is easily accessible to all young people from 14 - 25.

Hiska Youth Shed


HISKA is dedicated to one day opening Youth Sheds in rural towns across Victoria and even in other States of Australia. That’s a huge undertaking and will depend of the level of funding and support we can secure from Government, Local Councils, business sponsors and local communities.

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