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HISKA Sisters

Framework For Rural Youth Engagement

HISKA Ltd. is a Gippsland-based CLG nonprofit and registered Charity. The organisation was founded by Kim and Matt Baillie in March 2019, following the suicide of their son Zac, aged 21.

HISKA Sisters is a department of HISKA Ltd. established in August 2019 by Chloe Barker (Zac’s sister) and Ashlee Baillie (Matt’s niece). Along with Sheree Stace (Zac’s partner) these young ladies plan to develop fresh approaches to youth engagement and deliver programs that serve as an alternative to HISKA Youth Sheds. HISKA Sisters activities aim to appeal more to young women and members if the LGBTI community.

HISKA Sisters Model
HISKA Sisters aims to form a “sisterhood” of young and older people. It involves a set of programs that will provide alternative activities to those offered by the Youth Shed program. While all HISKA programs are inclusive, this one will appeal more to females and members of the LGBTI community.
The name was derived by Chloe Barker who, in addition to being Zac’s sister, has always felt that the concept of “sisterhood” among women of all ages provides important benefits such as connection, shared interests and mutual support.
The HISKA Sisters will run scheduled activities and workshops. The broad categories include self-care, hair & make-up, health & fitness, arts and creative pursuits.


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Love Chloe, Sheree and Smash ❤️

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