Hiska Buddies


(Under Development - Planned launch of this service will be announced soon).

Hiska Buddies is a free community program run by HISKA to support parents, partners, family members and young people impacted by the suicide of a loved one or close friend. HISKA can match an appropriate Buddy to a particular person or family. If you are a parent, your Buddy might be another parent who has experienced similar circumstances. If you are a young person, your Buddy might be a specialist of similar age who has lost a partner or friend.

Hiska Buddies    Hiska Buddies

Buddies support people at the time of loss and also organise practical assistance in the days and weeks following. They are experts in helping individuals and families navigate this most traumatic and difficult time in their lives. Each individual or family member will experience a range of emotions that often come in waves.

Hiska has built the Buddy program around the notion of the waves that ebb and flow when coming to grips with the enormity of loss and personal grief. When a HISKA Buddy is requested, an appropriate volunteer will be allocated. A welcome visit will be arranged as soon as you and/or your family are ready. During the welcome visit, your Buddy will introduce themselves, talk with you and establish any immediate needs.

Hiska Buddies

If you and your family wish to receive ongoing support, your Buddy will make an individual support plan that covers the unique needs of your family. This plan will be designed to provide full support in the first few weeks with a gradual reduction as get you back on your feet.

If you choose, your Buddy can continue phone contact or pay occasional visits to check in and see how you’re doing for up to one year. Examples of supports might be assistance with arranging appointments (e.g. counselling or medical), transport, shopping, meals, cleaning, laundering, pet care, sorting mail, interpreting information, assisting with making funeral arrangements and just someone to listen.

The exact nature of your Buddy’s involvement will depend on the particular circumstances of your family. Planned launch of this service will be announced soon.

The HISKA Buddies program aims to grow into a 24hr response service which can be activated by VicPol, Ambulance Victoria or directly by families in rural areas of Gippsland. HISKA has been approached by Victoria Police Gippsland to gear up for approved service delivery. If the Buddies service model proves successful based on local trials, data collection and independent evaluation, HISKA will seek funding to expand this service throughout Victoria.

Details of the HISKA Buddies WAVES support program will be added when the service is launched.