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Health and Fitness

Hiska Sisters hair and beauty workshops

 Hiska Fitness is a program designed to incorporate exercise into daily life, improve personal security through learning basic selfdefence techniques, have a break from the head, make new friends and have fun. In a mutually supportive environment, another aim is to encourage young women to adopt a new self-image and accept that everyone is beautifully unique. HISKA Sisters are all about encouraging everyone to love themselves and others in body, mind and heart.


Love me, Lovin’ life!

Some activities may be delivered in collaboration with a local gym (Voyage Fitness Leongatha have been fantastic supporters of HISKA). The fitness program promotes different lessons in physical activity to raise fitness & energy levels.. These sessions will be held initially once a week but could expand if levels of interest and mentor availability allows.


Volunteer mentors will be required with knowledge in classes such as: Self Defence Zumba Boxing Yoga We’ve selected classes that we feel young women would be most interested in and provide the most effective results with the least costs in the provision of resources and equipment. Classes may run in a four-week cycle allowing participants to to try them out or give them all a go and identify which ones they enjoy and/ or which activities most benefit their lifestyle.

Exercise is a great way of releasing emotions as well as creating distraction from stress or trauma. It leaves one feeling emotionally stronger by having achieved something positive for mind and body. Giving young women / LGBTI an opportunity to experience this feeling on a regular basis is the aim of the HISKA Sisters Health & Fitness program.