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Hiska Logo History & Explanation

The HISKA logo was designed by Zac on the 4th September 2016. Allow me to explain each of the components to highlight the careful thought Zac applied to his idea. I think he was very clever and demonstrated a real talent for design and the ability to link multiple concepts to a visual image.

The word HISKA is in a thick font, demonstrating strength. Zac wanted the brand and organisation itself to be strong and also provide strength to people in need of help.

The K, which stands for “KIDS”, is red and facing backwards depicting a kid who doesn’t fit in - and is possibly heading in the wrong direction. It’s probably more accurate to say a kid who is heading in a direction counterproductive to moving forward in life. The K is facing the “S” which stands for “Support”. This suggests the “Kid” is looking for or needs “Support”

The compass has the four main points, North, East, West and South. The south point rests on the “S”. This means that when things are going South, you will find support at HISKA.

The centre circles of the compass represent a ships wheel. This portrays that it is possible (with guidance when required) to take control of navigating ones own life, that by steering in the right direction, one can achieve anything they set their heart and mind to. It also suggest that steering toward HISKA can help with this process.

Regarding the words “Helping In Supporting Kidz Australia”. These words form the whole premise of Zac’s original concept for HISKA. Kids was originally spelled “Kids” with an “S”. Our marketing manager, Leonie, suggested we change it to a “Z” to represent Zac. A stroke of genius!

The final element is EST. Twenty 16. This is exactly as Zac wrote it in September 2016. Even though HISKA was not established officially then, we have chosen to leave the original date so we will always remember the year Zac conceived HISKA.

Zac was a lot smarter than he gave himself credit for and I’m glad Kim and I had the chance to express to him how impressed we were when he showed us this logo.

When you purchase your HISKA merchandise - t-shirt, hoodie & cap - please wear Zac’s logo with pride as we work hard to continue his legacy.

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Kim and Matt thank you for your support <3